Veev 2.0 Cocktails

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 Willy Shine Consulting “Bars, Cocktails, Education & Events”

I were asked to come into the Veev offices a year ago as I was in LA. The owner of the brand Carter who I have known for manyWilly shaking veev years asked that I get behind the bar in their office and make a few cocktails with Veev and a new formulation they were testing. Come to find out the new formulation was higher proof so it carried the flavors more and was holding up in cocktails better than its predecessor. I made a simple Collins at 2oz, 3/4oz, 3/4oz, & Q soda with each one and right away you could tell the difference in the two. The new formulation they were testing was now showing to be a better base spirit for cocktails. Veev already has natural flavors and nuances infused into it so it has a great starting point when creating new cocktails. Although Veev originally was delicious now with the new formulation at 70 proof allows Veev to be more versatile and works much better in an array of different families or styles of cocktails.

We were asked to create cocktails for VeeV 2.0 the new formulation at 70 proof. If you dont know by now VeeV is a neutral grain spirit with the flavors of acai, acerola cherry & prickly pear. It was the worlds first Acai infused spirit as well as it’s distillery runs on wind power, they use locally grown idaho wheat all organic ingredients and the water source comes from the snake river. This companies back bone is all about integrity, giving back and to the environment as well.

Here are some of the cocktails we created. Check out the cocktail demos & educational videos below. The videos were directed, produced and edited by Small Screen Network. These videos were created to promote the new formulation of Veev Acai Sprit to 70 proof and show the new versatility in more of an array of cocktails. Each one of these cocktails are unique, easy to make and fun! We had a blast working with Veev and developing some educational videos on how best to use the brand. Check them out and enjoy!

Cheat on your Vodka w/ Veev & make a Revive Lemonade Tweet: Cheat on your Vodka w/ a Veev Revive Lemonade via @shinedrinks