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Willy Shine Consulting “Bars, Cocktails, Events & Education”

Philosophy & Practice

We believe wholeheartedly that the bar and the kitchen are of equal importance in our industry. When the level of quality being produced from both front of house and back of house is held in equally high regard this is the perfect storm of greatness. We always only use the freshest of ingredients and the finest of spirits as a Chef would with his cuisine. The common thread of freshness of ingredients, efficiency, speed, consistency and quality control are at the forefront of all we do.

Expect realistic timelines and goals of our consulting services to be set and met customized to fit all your needs. All documentation to run a program/ event from cocktail photos, to recipes and procedures, to ingredient/ sourcing & inventory spreadsheets will all be loaded and delivered in a beverage bible. We guarantee that Willy Shine Consulting will work harmoniously with you and your staff to ensure the beverages that are created meet our very high standards.

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