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 Think Outside the Box this St Patrick’s Day

Here is a gem of a cocktail created by the one & only

John Lermayer an Industry Legend for the Appleton Estate  REMIXOLOGY Competition Circa 2011!

Roots-Man-FlipRoots Man Flip!
Contributed by John Lermayer 2011
2 oz Appleton Estate Reserve
3 oz Guinness Stout
1 oz Rich Simple
1 Whole egg
2 Vanilla Pods
Glass: Half-pint
Preparation: Served on a half pint glass with a pinch of cinnamon

Behind the Drink with John Lermayer

Ok first the Guinness. The one and only time I visited Ireland I noticed that in the winter the Irish often put port in their pints to warm them up. I tried it some years later and liked it a lot, so started adding nutmeg and spices as well on really cold days.

When I visited Jamaica for the first time I was shocked how popular Guinness was there as the Jamaicans believe Guinness is liquid Viagra and the more you drink the more likely you are to have boys as children.

For the flip I thought I would mold the Irish method with Jamaican flavor by adding rum, port, spice and then cocktail nerd it our with a whole egg and bitters

For the song I just figured it was some rock star shit to put beer, wine, rum and a whole egg all in one glass. BRAP!!!

Watch John’s Epic Remixology Performance “The Roots Man Flip”