February “The Manhattan Cocktail”

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The Manhattan Cocktail

2-2 1/4 oz Rye or Bourbon
3/4 oz Italian Sweet Vermouth (Carpano Antica or variation M&R Sweet w/ Punte Mess 50/50)
1-2 dash Angostura bitters

Glass: 5oz frozen coupe glass
Garnish: Filthy black cherry
Ice: stirring

Preparation: Stirred & strained into frozen coupe, garnish & serve.

Purchase cherries at http://www.filthyfood.com

Video demonstration:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”32″ gal_title=”The Manhattan Cocktail Video”]

Price: from $-$$$
Rye: Rittenhouse, Wild Turkey 101, Michters, Whistle Pig
Bourbon: Four Roses, Elijah Craig 10yr, Michters, Angels Envy, Pappy Van Winkle

Note: (Manhattan Club, New York City, circa 1870’s)

Although sweet or red vermouths are sometimes referred to as “Italian” and white vermouths as “French”, not all Italian vermouths are red—and not all French vermouths are white. Vermouths are also fortified wines and will oxidize so they need to be kept in refrigerator after they are opened.