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The traditional Recipe & Specs of a Cocktail with “Crushed Ice”

Crushed Ice – Contributed by the Cocktail Collective
BrambleTraditionally citrus, spirit, sweet modifier, possible muddled ingredients.

Preparation: Combine all ingredients in tin, whip, strain into a chilled rocks glass add crushed ice and Garnish.

Crushed ice: A style of ice that is similar to the shape and size of a pebble and is often used in juleps, cobblers, fixes, and swizzles. Crushed ice is beneficial to achieving lower temperatures and optimal water content in the aforementioned cocktails, as the rate of cooling is governed by the quantity and average radius of the ice particles. Water content is also affected by other mitigating factors such as the temperature and material of the glassware, whether or not the cocktail in question was shaken (and the kind of ice that it was shaken with) in order to prompt a lower temperature and achieve the desired rate of dilution prior to being strained over crushed ice.


¾ oz simple syrup

¾ oz lemon juice

2 oz Gin

2 muddled blackberries

whip, rocks glass, crushed ice, garnish blackberry