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Willy Shine Consulting “Bars, Cocktails, Events & Education

Curriculum Vitae



Willy Shine is an Entrepreneurial Business Man, Founder of Willy Shine Consulting, Husband & Father of Two, On Premise Trade Consultant, Beverage Consultant, Spirits & Cocktail Educator, Cocktail Event Producer, Keen Bartender to all Styles, Judge at Paul Pacult’s Ultimate Beverage Challenge, Liquor.com Advisory Board Member, Beverage Alcohol Resource Judge & Supervisor & BarSmarts Judge & Supervisor


Owner-Willy Shine Consulting

NY, NY — 2010-Present

Since 2010 Willy has owned & operated one of the top beverage consultancies in the US. Under the Willy Shine Consulting Umbrella Willy has maintained the prestigious role of National Trade Consultant of Appleton Estate Rums of Jamaica for 5yrs and also through the Groupo Campari purchase of the brand from Kobrand in March 2013. Willy Shine Consulting created and successfully produced from start to finish Remixology one of the nations most sought after and successful cocktail competitions the liquor industry has ever seen to date. Willy Shine Consulting is the go to production agency for cocktail event production for multiple brands nationwide. Will Shine Consulting harnesses the best of the best in the industry and delivers live experiences that resonate with consumers. Willy Shine Consulting is known for it’s quality of work & its integrity.

Willy is a proud member of the Liquor.com Advisory Board along side some amazing individuals and mentors. Willy is also one of a few supervisors for the prestigious once a year class “BAR” Beverage Alcohol Resource and has been from it’s inception. Willy is a member of the judging team of Paul Pacult’s Ultimate Beverage Competition every year. Willy is a supervisor & judge for the BAR Smarts program from it’s inception which has reached & educated thousands of bartenders nationwide.

Willy Shine Consulting was hired to help strategize the relaunch and assist in the cocktail development & strategy of VEEV Acai Spirit’s 2014 launch of 2.0 at 70 proof. Willy Shine Consulting was brought on to staff, execute and manage the beverage aspect of the Hendricks Gin Enchanted Forest, The Voyage into the Unusual and the opening party at Tales of the Cocktail. Willy Shine Consulting partnered with the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas in 2014 and formed a one of a kind team called “Team Batch Mayhem” along with Wirtz Beverage to produce 1.5 million dollars in cocktails over a 3 day period and serve 90,000 people. Willy Shine Consulting partnered with Liquor.com and John Varvatos to create a pop up bar in the old CBGB location in NYC for 12 Bowery Live events. Willy Shine Consulting created and produced Appleton Estate’s Bartender brunch for the past 2 years at Thirst, Boston & Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Willy Shine Consulting created, staffed, produced New York Food & Wine’s first ever cocktail/ mixology event called Astor Hours which saw 800 guests. Willy Shine Consulting partnered with Sydney Frank Importing to design and create cocktails/ infusions for their new tequila brand Casamigos.

In 2015 Willy Shine Consulting partnered with VEEV Spirits as a National Cocktail & Trade Specialist to help kick off “A Better Way to Drink” Bartender Competition and spread the gospel of drinking better.

  • Created one of the most sought after beverage consultancies in the nation
  • Created, executed and produced one of the nations most sought after cocktail competitions to date called “REMIXOLOGY”
  • Have taught and or mentored thousands of bartenders over his career
  • Have mentored and or assisted multiple other beverage consultancies to get off the ground
  • Have mentored multiple bartenders to ultimately open their own bars and or businesses
  • Recognized as one of the top Beverage Industry Professionals
  • Created, staffed, produced, executed & assisted in sponsorship dollars for Astor Hours the NY Food & Wine Festival first ever cocktail & mixologist inspired party for 800 plus guests
  • John Varvatos Live Concert Series official bar consultant and producer 2012-13 NYC w/ Liquor.com
  • Chosen participant of the BNIC Cognac educational trip to France
  • Partnered w/ David Wondrich to create, produce and execute a punch and cocktail program on the roof of Sleep No More in NYC


Owner/ Partner, Contemporary Cocktails, Inc

NY, NY — 2006-2010

From 2006-2010 Willy Shine was a partner/ owner of the globally recognized Beverage Consultancy called Contemporary Cocktails Inc. Willy was the national brand ambassador of Depaz Rum Agricole of Martinique as well as the local NYC ambassador to Partida tequila. Both rolls were focused on bartender education of the category with a focus on the brand. This also came with alot of cocktail development as well as event production and execution. Willy under the umbrella of CC, Inc also created, managed & administered ambassadorship programs for brands nationwide including but not limited to Sonnema Vodka, Cabana Cachaca & Appleton Rum. Willy toured Spain as a proud member of AKA Wine Geek to educate the country’s bartenders on Tanqueray Gin and the Gin & Tonic for one month.

CC, Inc created, produce as well as executed nationwide cocktail programs for the Palms restaurants as well as was the nation mixologists for Todd English Ent.

CC, inc, created the beverage program for the relaunched Royalton Hotel and created the Cocktail Collective a group of top bartenders and mixologists for the Morgan’s Hotel Group under the Morgan’s Group global F&B Director Howard Wein. The Collective included Misty Kalkofen, Willy Shine, John Lermayer, Eric Alperin, Richard Boccatto & Simon Ford. CC, Inc created the beverage program for the Breslin as well as was their corporate mixologists and beverage arm in NYC. CC, Inc created and executed the initial cocktail program at Tao Beach in Las Vegas. CC, Inc created & executed the initial beverage program at BESO in Las Angeles. CC, Inc was behind the award winning NY mega club, restaurant & rooftop called BED.

CC, inc was the go to mixologist staffing, Cocktail development, cocktail event production and cocktail quality control agency for William Grant, Pernod Ricard, Kobrand, Brown Forman & Diageo as well as many one off brands like Yamazaki, Uluvka, Bulleit, Barsol Pisco, Stilletto vodka, Sagatiba Cachaca, Cape North vodka, Ciroc vodka, Tuaca, Aperol, Pallini, Canton, St Germain, Hennessy, DeLeon tequila, El Tessoro, funkin purees, Leblon cachaca, makers mark bourbon, Mekhong, My Gay Rum, Navan, Patron , Rhum Clement, Trago, VeeV,

Willy staffed, produced & executed the beverage portion of the Hennessy Black concert series around the nation. CC, Inc strategized, staffed, managed, executed, promoted and produced some of the nations largest Beverage industry events including and not limited to The Bartenders Breakfast at Tales of the Cocktail, Rum Renaissance Big Up Finally Party, The first ever Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala,


  • Created a globally recognized Bevergae Consultacy from the ground up
  • Recognized as one of the top Beverage Industry Professionals
  • Member & Supervisor of “BAR” Beverage Alcohol Resource from its inception
  • Member & Supervisor of BarSmarts from its inception
  • Member of the AKA Wine Geek Team
  • Original member & Supervisor of DrinkWell by Diageo & BAR
  • Founding member of The Cocktail Collective



Wentworth Institute of Technology



Beverage Alcohol Resource


Spirit Education & Cocktail History



Spirit Education & Cocktail History



Oaxaca Mexico to study Mezcal

Mexico to study Tequila

Peru to study Pisco

Spain to study Sherry & the Gin & Tonic

France to study Cognac

Brazil to study Cachaca

Sweden to study Vodka production

England to study Gin production

Jamaica to study Rum production


  • Team Leadership skills
  • High volume cocktail production skills
  • Keen to all styles of bartending
  • Speaks well in front of large audiences
  • Extensive cocktail knowledge and history
  • Extensive spirits knowledge & history
  • Big picture thinker
  • Social Media management
  • Microsoft Office efficient
  • Word Press