Design & Create


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Willy Shine Consulting “Bars, Cocktails, Events & Education”


Design & Create

Bar Design

Have us design your bar from the ground up as you would have a chef to design your kitchen. Invest in our consulting services early and you will reap the benefits at the end of every night, week, month and year.

Bar Design with equipment sourcing and placement is a part of our consulting services. If you would have a chef design your kitchen you should also have someone with equal importance, talent, passion and wisdom design your bar. A common mistake within the building process of a new bar or restaurant is using an equipment supply company to build it. In order to create and produce the best product as well as put the most money in the register you really need to begin by building out your F&B outlets from the ground up with professionals who have worked lived and breathed our industry for many years. To many steps to get to a bottle behind the bar will ultimately equate to more time which equals less money in the register. The importance of the design process at the beginning is critical and will ultimately set the tone of who and what you are as a bar and restaurant.

Full Bar Programs

Bar programs are not cookie cutter from bar to bar and Willy Shine Consulting knows that. We thrive on creating individual programs from the ground up that will fit your wants and needs. Our consulting services have proven techniques and standards in which we implement yet we will listen and work with you in order to create the best program possible.

Cocktails & Menu Design

Why not start with a great cocktail with amazing service containing flavors and nuances you may experience when you sit down for your meal. We create cocktails with the classic building block cocktails & techniques passed on to us in mind while implementing modern culinary flavors, techniques and know how. Balance is everything when creating cocktails from flavor, to glassware, to color, texture, ice, weight, mouth feel, garnish, ingredients and style. We always work off the nuances of the base spirit in order to create the best cocktails possible. Sometimes simplicity is the best. Its not about how many ingredients you use to reach a certain flavor profile its about using the right ingredients in the right way to reach a flavor profile. We will make your cocktails Shine!

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