Borys Saciuk


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Willy Shine Consulting “Bars, Cocktails, Events & Education”

Our Team is made up of a crew of incredible & passionate people nationwide who wholeheartedly are dedicated to the Hospitality & Service Industry. Please meet the people that make it happen day in and day out and help elevate and push our fine industry forward. We are like minded people with a common goal of setting standards, educating and producing the best our industry has to offer. Give us the opportunity to make your cocktails Shine!

Borys Saciuk – Contributing Contractor & Partner of The Batch Mayhem Crew

A Leader of Men! An extremely talented, very wise & respected industry professional based in San Francisco.

6Borys is a hospitality professional who has thrived in the drinks business for over 20 years.   Initially a certified sommelier, his experience now runs the gamut from dive bars to 2 Michelin Stars, and from shaking cocktails at Burning Man to the likes of 15 Romolo.

In addition to his dynamic and distinguished career in hospitality, Borys also enjoyed several years on the brand side of the beverage industry. In this role, he collaborated on the organization and execution of countless trade events across the United States and around the globe.

In 2014 Borys joined The Bon Vivants and returned to bartending as a part of the Trick Dog team. Currently, he is serving drinks at ABV in San Francisco with a smile.

Also recognized as a cocktail competition judge and presenter during spirits industry-related events, Borys is a beverage consultant specializing in the planning and execution of bar service for large-scale events.

When Borys isn’t working, he is hunting down old liquor bottles and hoarding antique cocktail recipe books, or daydreaming of golden karaoke microphones and listening to NPR.