Become the Best You

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This was written for Junior Ryan of Clyde Common in Portland Oregon & his Facebook Page for The Health & Wellness of the Bartender!

Big Love & Respect to our industry and to those making their way striving for balance in their work and everyday lives.


Become The Best You

Purpose & Passion:

When you find something that you love and you are really good at this is the time when the combination of Purpose & Passion come together. It may take some time to get to the point where you are able to put 24/7 efforts into your Purpose & Passion but isn’t it worth it?

I have lived my life since being a very young man at pursuing my life’s purpose & passion which I was lucky enough to discover to be our hospitality industry. I found that bartending and all it encompasses to be very similar to athletics and so it was a natural progression for me early on. I loved the physicalness, the team/ family environment, the creativeness, the competitiveness and ultimately I enjoyed giving people experiences and ultimately bettering their days with smiles, interaction & relationships.

I was taught early in my career by a mentor at my first bartending job not to become a one trick pony of a bartender and learn to be keen to all styles as well as constantly evolve and make yourself better. Be able to get behind any bar at any time and be able to hold your own. Learn to work with your head up and hold court behind the bar. Give a total experience  as well as individual experiences. We are in the hospitality industry not just a drink making industry as its a very small part and added value to the bigger picture.

We always say that our cocktails are only as good as the ingredients we put in them. The same case goes for us as individuals. We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. We must drop the baggage of people who bring us down and surround ourselves with people that inspire and make us better at all we do. These are very important moments in an our lives being able recognize and make changes to better ourselves and begin to see our lives move forward.

Embrace Failure & Overcome:

I have had many personal & professional failures & obstacles in my life to overcome and a big one professionally was when I was a young bartender and learned the life lesson of taking a few steps back to ultimately taking a huge step forward. Embrace and don’t be afraid of failure as it may happen once or even a few times in your career and as long as you use it to your advantage, capitalize on it, learn and make yourself better from it and as long as you push to be your best, recognize the changes that need to made, you will always ultimately prevail.

Work Ethic > Talent

How amazing is it when you come across an individual with impressive work ethic? Amazing right? Few & far between! What about an individual that just has amazing natural talent? Impressive right?

I think they are both amazing but I strive to have great work ethic that is greater than natural talent. The key here in my opinion is to work hard and your natural talent will become that much better. If you don’t have that much natural talent at least your work ethic is on point and you have proven yourself by giving all you can to all you do to your purpose & passion.

Why not be the best? Why not strive to be the best? Why not accept challenges and take chances in your career and allow your work ethic and talent to help you succeed. All I have done in my career is take chances and take on challenges to better myself as well as better myself professionally. I surround myself with the best and most inspiring people I know that will help me succeed in everything I strive to do. There is not enough time to screw around! Make the best of the time you are here and be the best you can be.

I am 42 years and have been working on all I just spoke of since I was 17/18 years old. As I said I have had obstacles and failures both personally and professionally but have overcome and made myself better every day. I strive to be the best person, husband & father I can be every day. I still take on chances & challenges as I believe in my work ethic & talent as well as I have a beautiful network of friends, colleagues & family that inspire and help me become the best I can be.
Find your purpose & passion, embrace failure, work hard on your work ethic & talent, surround yourself with the best and set sail to becoming the best you!